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Vibrating Parts Aligner Model:MRV series

Vibrating parts aligner is to array the parts in order on he pre-designed jig.

It is not only for aligning but also for inspection and assembly.

High-speed, automatic off-line alignment, save your working time, cost and enhance the efficiency.


The miniaturization of parts is accelerating daily-a natural outcome of technological progress and the market-driven downsizing of products.

In the electronic parts manufacturing industry,70 to 80 percent of automated assembly and inspection troubles are said to occur in the parts supply unit.

Success of the overall process demands a smoother automation of parts supply.

WESTECH's MRV series vibrating parts aligners automatically align random collections of miniature parts in a purpose-designed palette by applying a variety of vibrating and tilting motions.

This provides a dramatic boost in productivity by performing alignment off-line without discontinuing other processes such as inspection and assembly.




Optional ltems



Vibration panel