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Universal Tensile Testing Machine Model:HIT-B/ HIT-M/ HIT-L

Our load measuring technology built up over the years unable us to make a tester with general purpose tester with highly expanding functions.

It corresponds to various testing requirement with changeable load cell and program. Programs can be loaded from your PC.



As a result of interchangeable load cell technology, this product is suitable for low force material testing such as thin metal films, small probe contacts.. etc. Also medium force testing such as peeling strength, and foam materials testing, HIT series is equipped with multi-function testing parameter for different requirement. In addition, it is also cater for plastics and synthetic rubber testing especially products which require longer stroke travel.


High performance with low cost

HIT series conform to JIS B 7721 Grade 1 Tension/Compression Test. With our unique mechanical design and self developed software concept is an advantage, thus able to achieve high performance with low cost.


Four languages can be change

HIT series comes with Japanese, English, Korean & Chinese (Simple/Traditional) 4 languages which can be changed anytime by user thus making standardize and consistent measurement which support worldwide testing.


Suitable Standard JIS 137721 Tension/Compression Tester 1 grade
Stroke 300mm 600mm 1000mm
Length resolution 0.01mm
Length Accuracy Within ±(0.05+0.0001L)mm (L can be any length in mm)
Shift Speed of Testing Head 1~1000 mm/min
Shift Control of Testing Head By precise shaft and sevor motor control
Shift Speed High speed: 600/min 1.00mm
Middle speed: 60/min 0.10mm
Low speed: 6mm/min ---mm
Load capacity 2KN(body) *depends on replaced load cell
Suitable Load Cell 10N~2KN    0.5~3.0mV/V
Number of Registerable Load Cell 5PCS
Display Range Switch 2 ranges automatic switch
Load resolution When highest digital of each range load is  2 ---1/20,000
When highest digital of each range load is  1 ---1/10,000
When highest digital of each range load is 5 ---1/5,000
Load accuracy Within 1% of display value
Unit selection mN, N, kN (overseas specifications can be used kgf, gf, lb, in)
Protection stop function

Stop by High/Low limit switch

Stop by limit setting fuction of software

Press Stop or Emergency switch to stop

O.L Stop. Stop when over limit setting

Display screen 256*64dot   W115 x H29mm


I/O Port 

Com1→PC   COM2→Printer, others

I/O by photo coupler +COM. Input 8 points, output 8 points

Interface functions are different, depend on install programs

Voltage AC100V~120V or AC200V~240V
The maximum power consumption 300VA
Size W450xD450xH770 W450xD450xH1070 W450xD450xH1470
Weight about 60kg about 70kg about 85kg