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For different industry customers, we provide a series of products:

Force Gauge, Force Gauge Test Stand, Digital Indicator, Oil Seal Force Tester, Keyboard Key Tester, Fatigue Testing Machine.

HANDY-Force Gauge.


Push pull gauge perform their maximum ability in all kind of force measurement purpose.

Tension strength, Tension breakage, Pull, Push, Insert, Withdraw, Bend.

It provides the following six devices:


JSV-H1000 Vertical Servo Stand.

JSH-H1000 Horizontal Servo Stand.

JSV-500L Test Stand, JSV-200H Test Stand.

JSH-500 Test Stand, JSV-500D Test Stand.

IND-7660 Digital Indicator


Digital display is an indicator, connecting with all kind of strain gauge load cells, force transducer, such as compressing load cell, tension load cell and torque load cell.

JPL-314 Oil Seal Force Tester.

It provides the following two devices:


RA-7005 Mechanical Keyboard Tester.

KFT-101 Laptop Keyboard Tester.

It provides the following four devices:


RSE-100 Spring Fatigue Testing Machine.

RA-007 Friction Testing Machine.

RA-700 Fatigue Testing Machine.

RA-500 Fatigue Testing Machine.