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Business philosophy

We says“Quality of life”.  It is not a slogan but a daily attitude . 
Testing equipments are not the COLD QUALITY TOOLS in the factory, they are closely related to our lives.  Foods, medicals, sports, daily necessities, and lots of 3C products etc., majority of them need to be tested on their quality before they leave the factory.  The testing equipments provide a warrantee which enhance safety on the products and create a trustworthy condition for users. 

Therefore, the company’s philosophy of "quality of life" is to Educate and bring this idea to our staff and customers, let the quality naturally integrate not only into our jobs, but also into our daily life.

Thus, we are constantly innovating the research and development experiments, committed to make the "most reliable test equipments", to reduce the mal-function rate during the processing, and to enhance the product quality;  we firmly believe that only good quality, will have a better life.


ALGOL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD.  is a professional manufacturer and  importer of  Precision Testing Equipment,

Since 1985, we have been concentrating on the development of Load Testing Equipment; Along the way, we only concentrate on the Equipment Industry,    never cross to the other industry business.

As an International importer,  we constantly aim to bring in the good products to Taiwan. Keeping feedback customer’s needs to the manufacturer, we help customers solve the problems and provide them the most suitable instruments on their demands.  On this effort, the characteristic and performance of customer’s products can be assured.


By manufacturing and importing the Load Testing Instruments, the range on the capacities are varies. 

More than 30 years experiences, we have been representative the Japanese brand JISC and establish our own brand “ALGOL”.  Nowadays, Both “JISC”and “ALGOL”are the synonym of Load Testing Instruments.